Maps & Apps

We’ve put together a collection of informative and easy-to-follow maps to maximize your Monterey biking experience! You can view these on your desktop or mobile device, or download and print for future use. You’ll also find links to some of our favorite mobile apps below.


Blazing Saddles City Map

Our custom-designed map outlines our most popular routes.

Google Bike Maps

Get turn-by-turn directions on Google’s Bike Mapping tool.


We’re working hard on our custom Blazing Saddles app to help make your biking adventure even more exciting and interactive! Email us with any suggestions you have on our contact page.

External Apps

See How We Roll

Find out why Blazing Saddles is the perfect choice for your family, group or solo biking adventure! Our customer service and equipment are second to none, and our friendly staff will get you ready to roll on the ride of a lifetime.