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Electric Bike: A2B
Electric Bike: A2B 
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Get supercharged with our top-notch A2B Metro Electric Bikes! Cutting edge technology makes this bike the leader in the pack of sustainable transportation alternatives. Its Lithium Ion battery can take you cruising up hills and around the City at a speed of up to 20mph. Its upright seating is wide and cushioned, perfect for sight-seeing and sustained comfort. Find out more information on these bikes and read about them in the May 2009 Supplement to Time Magazine .

If one ride's not enough to quench your thirst for smart, eco-conscious adventure, check out our new and used A2B Metro Electric bikes for sale. Get yours today and join the movement for green transportation,.

You must be 18 years old to ride this bike.
Electric Bikes may not be used together with baby seats, tag-a-longs, or trailers.

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