The Perfect Bike for San Francisco!

Posted on 08/18/2014

The first thing you will probably notice about our Blazer is the sweet paint job. It’s got flames curling around the frame celebrating its nomenclature. It also has a not-quite-life size image of the Golden Gate Bridge on it, a nod to the most popular bike route for visitors and locals alike.

The second, but equally important, thing to note about our Blazer bikes is the care we put into the design of the bike.  The frame, while sturdy enough to support riders of all sizes, is lightweight and perfect for maneuvering around the city. Hopping on and off curbs and rolling the bike onto the ferry boat in Sausalito are easy to do with this streamlined design. Also, there is rack over the rear wheel where you can store a jacket or sweatshirt as you make your way through San Francisco’s many micro-climates. We’ve got ladies and mens frames in a wide range of sizes, so when you’re ready to Bike the Bridge, we’ve got a Blazer waiting for you.

If you’re thinking about hopping on a bike and touring around “The City by the Bay”, there is no better bicycle to do that on than our custom made Blazer Bike! It’s a Deluxe Comfort Hybrid that we designed and manufactured specifically for a ride through our city streets and over the Golden Gate Bridge.