Topeak Baby Bike Seat

All day

Take your child along for a ride with the Topeak BabySeat II. A secure, wraparound seat with integrated roll bar and extra protective features to ensure your precious cargo rides safely

Key Features

  •  Shoulder harness with multiple height adjustments provides superior comfort and protection as your child grows
  •  Padded hand rest provides an added level of protection
  •  Recessed head area provides extra room for a helmet, while keeping the child from slumping forward
  •  Spring suspension system helps cushion child from bumps along the way
  •  Adjustable foot rests and straps keep feet in a secure position, away from risk of getting caught in wheels

Rental Prices

1 Day = $20


You can pick up your rental bikes at 2715 Hyde Street in Fisherman's Wharf. We're open every day from 8AM, and the 24-hour drop off garage allows you to return your bicycles whenever you want.