New York

We offer fun and memorable self-guided & guided bicycle tours to everyone. Our goal is to make your bike ride the highlight of your trip to New York City!

With the largest and newest fleet of bikes, we have something for everybody from the seasoned road racer to the first-time rider!

We are open through October 31st for the 2017 season at Governors Island! This little island has a big history. Explore bike-friendly Governors Island and discover the pivotal part the island has played throughout the years.

Something For Everyone

Get Rolling on the Ride of a Lifetime

The fun starts right here! Explore Manhattan and Brooklyn with Blazing Saddles!

What's New

Autumn is here, and what better time for a bike ride? The summer crowds are gone and the weather is perfect for sightseeing via bicycle. Whether you want to see the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Greenway, or Central Park, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will show you beautiful bike routes that are fun for everyone.