Central Park Bike Tour (Self-Guided)

Approx Time
2.5-3 hours
2-6 miles
Reserve a bike starting from
1 hr
24 hrs
All-day Bike Rental Included

Ride along the Hudson River through the city’s charming uptown neighborhoods into New York's amazing Central Park. On this ride you’ll find out exactly why this Manhattan oasis is the most visited urban park in the United States. You’ll also catch a glimpse of the USS Intrepid Air and Space Museum along the way!

Central Park

Points of Interest

USS Intrepid Air and Space Museum
Central Park Zoo
The Mall/Literary Walk
Strawberry Fields/”Imagine” Mosaic
Bethesda Fountain
Alice In Wonderland Statue
Central Park Carousel

What's Included

Bike rental
Handlebar bag
Custom map
Bike fitting & Orientation
Rear rack for bags & purses