Got questions? We’ve got answers! See below for answers to some of our most frequently asked queries.

Hours & Getting Here
Bike Questions
Guided Tours
Kids’ Equipment
Ride Questions
New York Pass

Hours & Getting Here

What are your hours of operation?

Our Pier 17 and Pier 84 locations are open from 9am until at least 7pm daily. Our Governors Island location is now open for the season!

What is the best way to get to you?

We are located at Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport. Our exact location and transit help can be viewed on Google Maps here: https://www.google.com/maps/search/Blazing+Saddles+Bike+Rentals+%26+Tours+Pier+17

If you’re taking the subway, take the 2,3,4,5,A, C, J,Z to Fulton St, or the E to World Trade Center.

Where can I park my car?

We recommend taking public transport to our locations as parking in the area can be difficult, but there is a parking garage located right across from 93 South Street. 

I reserved but won’t be able to make the tour date, what on earth shall I do?

If your plans change, no problem! Your reservation never expires and can be used at any date or time.

Where should I pick up my reserved bike?

Please go to our Pier 17 location or our Pier 84 location to pick up your reserved bike.

Do you offer any discounts for large groups?

For groups of 8 or more we offer $5 off the day rate for each biker.

What if I don’t get back in time to return my bike?

If you’re having too much fun out there and you don’t think you’ll make it back before we close, you’re welcome to keep your bike overnight! Just make sure you have a safe, indoor place to store your bike and please call us before our closing time to let us know you won’t be returning.


Where is the best place for my family to start?

Come into our family friendly location at Pier 17 where we have the largest selection of children’s equipment and a car-free test ride!

Bike Questions

How old do I need to be to rent a bike?

There is no age limit on bike rental, however bikers under the age of 18 must be accompanied or have a release form signed by a parent or guardian.

Can you accommodate handicapped riders?

We have many options for handicapped riders, and we will do our best to accommodate any specialty equipment or other requests.

What if I’ve never ever ridden a bike before?

We have many options for bikers who may not yet be confident enough to ride alone, and we recommend coming on in to our main location at Pier 17 for a wide range of bikes and a safe car-free test ride.

I need to rent a bike for a special event/race in New York. What is the reservation procedure?

Get in touch with us via email, phone or filling out the webform on our Contact page for details on reserving for events such as the Five Boro Bike Tour.

Which bike should I choose?

No need to worry about which bike to reserve. We are sure to have something for every member of your group! You can see the options we have here. When you come in to our location, you’ll be able to try out the equipment on our car-free test ride to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe for their ride!

I’ve never ridden a tandem bike before. Is it difficult?

Not at all! Tandem bicycles are a lot of fun and great for working on your communication skills. Keep in mind that both riders will need to be pedaling at the same time, and your turns will be a lot wider than on a regular bike. Having two people pedaling sure makes a difference, though! 

What’s included with every rental?

Your rental comes fully loaded with a helmet, bicycle lock, rear rack and bungee cord for strapping down larger items on our Comfort and Performance bikes, front handlebar bag for smaller items such as cameras and water bottles, detailed map, front map holder, and bike bell. A patch kit is also available upon request.

I prepaid for my bike rental via a voucher/coupon on a third-party website. What do I need to do before coming in to redeem it?

No reservations are needed – just make sure you bring in a copy of your voucher or coupon (either on your smart phone, tablet, or printed) on the day so we can redeem it for you in the store. Please read the fine print carefully before your rental.

I loved my bike so much I want to buy one! Do you sell used bikes?

Yes, we offer bikes for sale all year! Please e-mail us to make arrangements.

What should I wear and bring with me?

We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing with warm layers and athletic shoes. We do not have secure customer storage available at our stores, so keep in mind that you will need to take everything with you on your bike ride! Bring only the essentials - anything that can be carried in a small backpack or secured to the rack on the back of your bike.

Do I need an driver’s license, ID or credit card to rent a bike?

A credit card is required for security deposit.

Are helmets required by law? Can I bring my own helmet?

New York State Law requires helmets be worn by all bicyclists ages 13 and younger. Helmets are not mandatory for riders ages 14 and over, however we recommend them for cyclists of all ages. 

Guided Tours

What is included in the guided tour?

The guided tour includes an all-day bike rental, helmets, locks, the guide and the tour.

How many people are on the guided tour?

It all depends on the day! Our guided tour is open to everyone, and we require a minimum of 4 riders for it to go ahead each day. If we do happen to have a large group, we’ll either split the group or send extra guides to help out. This ensures everyone stays safe, stays together, and has a great personal experience on the tour. If you’re worried about a larger group and are interested in booking your own private guided tour, e-mail us!

Do I need to make a reservation for the guided tour?

Yes, we have plenty of availability on all of our tours, but reservations are required to ensure your tour date and time. If we have a large group, we’ll either split into smaller groups or send along more guides to help out.

I haven’t ridden a bike in years, and I’m worried I’ll slow the rest of the group down!

Our tour guides are very experienced in helping out riders of all different ages and abilities, and we never leave anyone behind. For larger groups we often send a ‘caboose’, or someone who rides at the back of the group making sure everyone stays together. If you have any concerns, be sure to communicate them to the guide at the beginning of the tour so she or he can keep an extra eye out!

What if along the way I decide I don’t want to stay with the tour?

We recommend you stay with your group where possible as your guide will be familiar with the group size and needs, but of course you are welcome to leave the tour at any point if you decide not to continue.

What is the advantage of taking a guided tour over a self-guided tour?

Our guided tours are a great introduction to the history surrounding New York City. Along the ride, our knowledgeable and local guides will share interesting facts, little-known secrets and fun stories about our colorful city. You’re on vacation, so why rush? The guided tour goes at a nice easy pace, with many stops for photographs, snacks, bathroom breaks and information, and is all-around a much more personal, enjoyable experience for those looking for something a little different during their New York visit!

Can I continue with my bike after the guided tour is over?

Absolutely! All-day bike rental is included in the price of the tour, and our staff can recommend some great options to continue riding after the guided portion of the tour is over.

Can I bring my own bike on the guided tour?

You’re welcome to bring your own bike on our guided tour for a discounted rate! Call us at (917) 440-9094 for pricing.

Kids’ Equipment

I’m not sure what size bike my child will need, which bike should I reserve?

No need to worry as your reservation is completely transferrable and changeable. You can specify your bike preferences on the day of your rental, and our staff can give you some great recommendations if you’re not sure about which equipment to choose.

I’m travelling to New York with my partner and two toddlers. What do you recommend?

We have many different options for small children, and it all depends on how comfortable you and your children feel. Very young children may prefer a bike trailer or baby seat, which attaches behind an adult bike. The trailer is lower to the ground and can fit up to two small children – many come back fast asleep! For children who like to know what’s going on at all times, the baby seat is higher and offers a much better vantage point.

My child can ride a bike just fine, but I’m not sure he’ll make it all the way to Brooklyn and back. What do you suggest?

A tandem bicycle is perfect for older children who might not be up for going solo just yet. It’s also great for improving those communication skills! The stronger rider controls the gears, steering and braking from the front seat, while the second rider helps to pedal from behind.

Can I attach a trailer or baby seat to a tandem bicycle?

Due to the length of the bicycle and the difficulty in turning corners, braking and general control of the equipment, we do not recommend attaching kids’ equipment to a tandem bicycle.

Ride Questions

Do I have to go on the path you recommend?

Absolutely not! We recommend the ride over the Brooklyn Bridge and through Central Park as it’s mostly car-free, avoids many steep inclines and is (in our opinion) the most beautiful ride in New York! However, you are welcome to take your bike wherever you like! Just make sure to be vigilant of your surroundings and lock your bike securely whenever necessary.

I’m not a pro-athlete, do you think I can still do this ride?

Absolutely! Most of our rides are rated as beginner/intermediate, and there are also car-free options like the Greenway that will keep you away from traffic the majority of the time. The best part is that you can customize the speed and effort of your ride – just go at your own pace and make as many stops as you like! Above all else, we want our riders to come back with beautiful photos, fun stories and big smiles all around!

How safe is the ride over to Brooklyn?

The ride is beginner/intermediate along a mostly flat bike path, and you’re completely away from traffic the majority of the time. It’s a very safe ride and suitable for the whole family!

What do I do with the bike once in Brooklyn? Is there a place to return there?

We do not currently have a rental location Brooklyn side of the bridge, so you will need to return your bike to the location where you originally started. Once you are in Brooklyn, you can lock up your bike while you explore a little, then return on the Manhattan Bridge!

What do I do if something happens to my bike, i.e. I get a flat tire?

Call if you have any questions or problems out there. Our phone number is listed both on your map and on your bike, and we have staff members manning the phones throughout the day. We will do our best to assist you in getting back on the road as soon as possible! In the case of minor bike damage, there is a list of Manhattan bicycle shops on the inside of your brochure. In case of an emergency, call 911 immediately and then contact us as soon as you are out of immediate danger.

New York Pass

What’s included with the New York Pass?

The New York pass is good for a 24-hour beach cruiser rental. We offer a $5 upgrade to our comfort bike and a $10 upgrade to our most popular bike.

Do I need to make a reservation if I have the New York Pass?

No reservations are necessary. Just make sure to bring your Pass with you on the day of your rental!

Which location do I need to go to for the New York Pass?

Please go to our Pier 17 location to redeem your New York Pass.

Can I use my New York Pass for a guided tour?

The New York Pass is only good for a self-guided bike tour, but not to worry! Our friendly staff will review some great routes with you when you come in to rent, and we’ll send you off with a custom bike map of the city and everything you need to have a great day!