Electric Bike Rentals

Choose an e-bike and book online for up to 20% off daily rate.

E-Blazer: Our favorite e-bike! Custom-made with the Golden Gate Bridge ride in mind, this bike has a light aluminum frame and a strong pedal assist. The front suspension and cushioned saddle provide a comfortable ride for added enjoyment. A great battery range and different motor modes allow you to get the most out of your ride. A range of 24 gears and strong disc brakes round out the best electric bike for the Golden Gate Bridge!

Stromer: Swiss-made, this high-performance electric bicycle has a long range and plenty of power to get you around the city! Power pedal assist make the Stromer perfect for longer rides over any terrain. We recommend this bicycle if you're planning a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge beyond Sausalito to Tiburon or exploring the neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Couple riding electric bikes up Hawk Hill with stunning views of Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco